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That line is fucking nuts. I was almost tempted to hit it just to cross it off the list last saturday mind you, but thought better of it. I mean if you sorta stay up in the trees for as long as possible i can see you getting away with it, but to come under the gondola is going to get you killed. A slide on that pulling you straight down into the creek? seems kinda daft. The lines that absolutely terrify me though are the people crossing back and forward at the dams or the dudes dropping in from (i assume) the schneider side rather than the yunomine side. I just cant get my head around that kind of risk taking for a bit of snow... PARTICULARLY when the whole resort is swimming in it anyways.

Anyways, keeping fighting the good fight. It doesnt encourage it, it discourages risk taking because it puts the risk front and center and forces you to address it directly. You now have objective information that you cant just ignore. Youre forced to use that in your evaluation whether its safe to ride that line and whether its now within your acceptable threshold. Without the information you will instead just assume its safe until proven otherwise (by a slide or something happening directly to you): "ive ridden it loads before! its never slid on me yet!"

The whole world seems to recognise that this is a key piece of information in decision making. Id also assume it carries more weight in decision making the less experience you have in the backcountry. And since these are really teh people that you want to be targeting (more experienced riders will be looking to corroborate the information with their own analysis), then theres absolutely no reason to not report it.

Keep fighting the fight. Maybe ask for some help to make those arguments from the dudes on the forum and the beneifts of this information being made to the general public. Also of course acknowledging that its an incredibly popular line, and it just seems to be getting more popular.

Whie i have your ear. A few weeks ago discovered the middle line bringing you out at Nagasaka. Any advice on it. Seems sketch getting into it, but the line itself seems okay. Big danger seems to be slides caused from people dropping off skyline (looks about 40-45 degree drop), and the creek bed on the left - lots of pot holes on it as you get lower down and if you do go left you might end up (as i did ) having to cross back on a very dodgy little snow bridge.

Fun line, but could always do with some history of events on it. My assumption is the most dangerous part of it is reaching it from the resort. But whilst on it, so long as youre aware of whats coming from the sides, youre pretty much golden (if you stay skiers right and avoid the temptation for the pow above the creek bed itself).
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