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That's a typo dude. The dealer book says 8-11m for the 163cm. I can take a picture tonight if you want. I thought the idea was that it is a progressive sidecut, so advanced riders can manipulate the board thru turns without relying solely on flexing the board.

As for riding, last time I rode it was in Revy two weeks in crappy conditions. Insane grip and I did feel way more comfortable. But the tight trees owned me on that board. I was really really beat after going into the most retarded tree run (Think super tight steep icy tree moguls with giant fallen logs...)

I been riding Raptor as main board now as I have come to grips with all its tendencies. (If I recall it took like 7-10 days before I was fully comfortable with the way it acts.) I think it will take at least another 3-5 days on the Ride before I can figure everything out.
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