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Default Front flips before perfecting 360s?

The last couple of years i have been putting a much bigger effort into snowboarding, and i am seeing progression in some of my tricks. Can pretty much do 360s on 10 footer jumps, but watching a video of the jump is embarrassing (arms everywhere, not tucking knees, no prewinding).

So i started watching tutorials on youtube, and of course one vid led to another and suddenly i am watching front flip (tamedog?) tutorials and thinking "i want to try that!" (seems much less dangerous than backflips, and at 34 i dont want to risk my mobility over a trick).

Is it too early for me to be looking at that stuff? Or should i just keep working on 360s until i get them looking clean? Biggest Jump i have cleared is 20ft (straight air) and to be honest i dont think i would want to go much more than that (was scary as hell as-is). Small front flips over little kickers look awesome and seem to be little risk for the reward.

Also, i remember seeing a couple of borders doing front rolls where they just tip over the front of their board, roll over as if they had fallen, yet get back up on it - would that be a precursor of a front flip?
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