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Tamedogs...don't want to scare you out of doing them but if you dont come all the way around, it tends to hurt a bit.

There's a lot of energy that goes into rolling into a tamedog - if you don't fully commit to the flip and/or get enough pop you're essentially tomahawking the lower half of you body into the ground. Too much and you're bashing your head and/or torso.

Keep in mind, this is just my opinion - I've tried them before and can do them somewhat consistently but def do it into soft stuff first. I coach and my kids love the idea of this trick but I've seen too many get slammed because they don't huck enough or they huck too much.

I found doing them off a knuckle to a medium to large-sized jump is helpful (obviously, during a less busy time so you're not snaking anyone's run if you're in a jump line). There's usually enough of a drop off, plus its easy to time it - just roll hard as your nose gets to the "edge" of the knuckle.
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