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Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
Bro, chill. And this is coming from one of this foums supposed Union "haters". They changed the toe strap. Its not a smaller clone of the old one either. The 2013 had that sorta curved from strip. The curve is gone. It's smaller and both strips are straight with a better material on the boot side. I havent had the chance I hopefully get to get in them, but I find it hard to believe these wont be 10 times better than this years.
I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully it's a fit similar to the Phantom toe, which I'm also a big fan of.

Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
Regarding the Factory, as I was told by the kid who walked me around Union at SIA the frame pictured is slightly different than production. You'll notice the heel area in the photo is identical to the Atlas, not filled on and not canted. I have a photo somewhere that shows what I was told is the production model with the canted heel and filled in heel pocket.
This make's sense. Alka probably should have led with this because clearly the catalog photo shows otherwise. I can see a few differences between the catalog photo and the sample that's in the second photo.

I'd still like to verify that the unpigmented nylon does in fact make the binding stiffer. You ever hear anything about this?

Originally Posted by Nivek View Post

Alka is right, everything from the Contact Pro down gets the lever release buckle, everything up gets a newly designed pressure release that is supposedly easier to "pop".
I'm eager to see how this new one works. If it's in fact a difference in design or the same design with tweaks that allow it to free up easier. And if the new design poses any new issues.

Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
Regarding caps vs straps, apparently there is a patent war going on over capped designs. And the best toe straps I've personally used were Flux and Raiden. Both of which I wouldnt really classify as caps. Being capped or not is a non issue for me as long as it fits. In fact I think caps are worse as they arent as conformable.
Agreed, caps are over rated. I have the Burton Get-a-grips and found the Atlas strap to be a better fit and more responsive. Apparently they work with my 3 pairs of boots better than some people can get them to work with theirs.
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