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Default How do you measure a boots stiffness?

I recently bought a new pair of boots after noticing my traditional laced noob boots got way too soft on me. Feet were getting insanely tired in my runs, and they just weren't giving me the response I needed in bumpy sections. They are now suffering from deformation in the sidewalls. (I notice my carves starting to chatter/skip when I put my weight into it.)

So I have bought a pair of speed lace boots, with 540 heel support. They got an air bubble for impact dampening with a heat moldable inner lining, and have a flex rating of 7/10.

I notice the build differences in the 2 boots, but my main concern is will these boots eventually soften up on me too? The noob boots lasted me 2 seasons, what can I expect out of these? (northwave legends) should I have gotten a 10/10 flex rated boot?
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