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Originally Posted by MGD81 View Post
I'm pretty sure on every proform it states quite clearly that you are forbidden to discuss it to shops and the general public. You my friend are airing your dirty laundry with a company who have helped you out numerous times on a public internet forum.

Just for that, you deserve everything you get, I only wish people like you could be banned from pro-form use because they give the people that appreciate it a bad name.

You got hooked up, guess what, you are bottom of the totem pole when it comes to warranty claims - your lucky that board even has a warranty.

You don't want to be bottom of the pole? pay full price like everybody else.

Bullshit. What kind of backwards ass thinking is this?

If I have a board, regardless of how much I paid or who I got it from, and it breaks due to a manufacture defect, I should be entitled to a new board.

And I know what a proform is too...son.
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