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Originally Posted by Gdog42 View Post
Has anyone done mountain boarding before? I've only heard of this sport recently and it looks like- being obsessed with snowboarding- I might have something to keep me sane during my free time this summer while I wait for more snow.

Based on what I know about it already, it is supposed to be very similar; the only significant difference being wheels. A mountain board is longer than a skateboard, has bindings with ratchets, and is controlled pretty much the same way as a snowboard (leaning toeside and heelside)

They're designed to be used downhill on grass, but can also be used on anything else really.

This is a Trampa mountain board:

I'm just not sure if it would be worth buying one, being a college student with limited extra money...
My worst extreme-sports wipeout ever was on rollerblades down a super-steep hill that I couldn't stop myself from falling down. My second worst happened on a gravel slope at high speed on a mountain board.

I'll never try these sports ever again. The pain vs fun factor is just not there.

Surfing is my offseason fix.
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