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That sounds solely like a forward lean problem

I let someone try one of my boards a while ago, right away they commented on how far forward my forward lean was set @.
They wanted to changed it, I said don't fuckin' touch it.
Told them to just do a run, then see if they wanted to still change it.

It took 3, mine are quite far forward
After that they thought it was great & left it.

When I hopped on his board, He had lost his adjusters.
I couldn't do a hard carve worth shit, just puttin' around it wasn't too bad.
But good luck with any precision riding, especially @ speed.

You could still steer, by skidding around, but yuck what a horrible way to go.
I want to be able to quickly get out of they way of everything if need be.(gnargoyles, retards, ninjas, etc)

Even if it looks like they are farther forward than your other bindings, they must not be.
If it doesn't feel like @ every moment, you're going to catch your toe side edge & eat shit.

Then keep crankin' em forward, don't even look @ the numbers.
Start @ the far end of the spectrum, set them to as far forward as they will go.

I'm pretty sure that will be to much, but you'll know it's working @ least.
Then fine tune them to where you want them.

This is IMO the most important part of that.
Once you have them perfect, right where you want them.
Put them one notch farther forward.
That's where they should be, not where you thought they were perfect.

You're just not used to it yet & @ first you'll think they are too far forward, but trust me here.
It'll take about 1 or 2 runs until you get used to it.

Then your confidence will shoot through the roof.
I guaran-fuckin'-tee, you will be doing the hardest heel side carves you've ever done.


If whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

Then I am so close to immortality
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