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Default How do you Do it? Season Long Bus Rides or Else?

Been thinking I made a mistake, or idk...

I do have a season pass to Hunter. Since I have a pass I can't just go to another mountain because pass is paid why pay for a day lift ticket elsewhere.

So I have to arrange my schedule to whatever bus service is available for Hunter and also pay something ranging from $40 to $50. This is ok if you go once a month but I go frequently 6-7 times a month, on the weekends mostly, this puts me around $500 a month on bus fare. Considering there are special days holidays etc. I'll then end up going more which then pay-more-on-bus-fare.

Aside from the financials, teenagers on the bus can get really annoying, talking loudly at 5 in the morning and they just don't shut up all the way to the mountain (god I don't know why kids are so happy). They also play movies which is really cool but they crank the volume, c'mon nobody wants to watch a movie at 5 in the morning you just want to close your eyes, and worst of all some buses' seats are so lil you can barely get in....

I don't really want to buy a car but next year I am so not buying a pass at Hunter, definitely thinking Killington(2 mountain deal) or Stowe (3 mountain deal), and now thinking how to do this without getting a car...

How do you guys do it?
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