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Originally Posted by onefutui2e View Post
i'd say, get a car. or surely you have friends who also drive? i have a group of friends and we kind of rotate the driving duties so no one ends up having to take their cars too much. we also usually make it so that the driver doesn't have to pay for gas/tolls, since they'll have to deal with cleaning and maintaining the car after. overall, we have a pretty good system going with that.

i know for sure that killington and stratton have bus services. not sure about stowe. btw, what's the 3-mountain deal with stowe?
some mountains in VT allow you to use multiple mountains with their season pass, like with killington pass you can go to pico mountain too with stowe i think you can go to okemo too and some other, check their websites, these passes run around $1800 or more thou

Originally Posted by herjazz View Post
i live in manhattan and i used to drive up, but after doing the math, i'm actually doing the opposite now: i leave my car and take the bus to the mountain.

it's cheaper for me if you calcuate the fuel cost, tolls, and the tiredness of doing a day trip (driving up, whole day at mountain, driving down). so starting this year i've been doing bus trips. OVRride is the place i go through-- good packages and options (bus only, bus+lift ticket, lessons, etc.).

buying a car involves other things i won't get into and costs that people don't think about: maintenance, insurance, parking, tickets, fuel, etc.

i even considered zipcar (i have a zipcar membership) but even with their "free" fuel, it's still cheaper to take a bus if going solo or with a partner. if you have a group of like 4-5-6 people, then maybe a car might make more ecomical sense if splitting fuel and toll costs...

that's my thought.

(P.S. how's hunter? haven't been there in years, but considering going up this weekend to test my new boards since it's so close (2.5hrs on bus)...)
remember I am getting a season pass so no lift ticket bus packages. Think about it if you do 10 trips a season, that's 85 x 10 = 850 (which is equals to the hunter season pass). and I do well above 10 trips.

right well my problem is basically, parking! and where I live people also scratch cars etc. I have had two cars and everytime I said this is the last time in this city, so thinking what to decide.

maintenance, insurance, fuel these all on my mind but how often you go? once or twice a month or quite frequently, because $50 to the mountains close to NYC but $65 to Vermont (bus only) if you go say 5-6 times a month, on the weekends, it will be something around $400-$500 on bus fare

and zipcar is a no-no, they are very expensive, free-fuel is stupid since you can do 180 miles a day so where is the benefit in that, it's only good if you need to drive somewhere for 2 hours and then come back, a 4 hour ride
I always find cheap car rentals on kayak

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