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oh man, another fun day snowboarding!

I ALMOST have linked turns down. I have a hard time attempting to link turns if I feel I'm going "too" fast. For the most part I would chicken out and do some heelside braking to slow down to an almost stop. Sometimes, after slowing down, I would go for the linked turn. Sometimes I would just punk out and do a falling leaf (this is starting to get real lame). I'm also not 100% comfortable toeside, which makes it difficult to link to a turn that will require me to go toeside. I noticed I punk out more often when I'm about to go toeside and turn to the right. Slowly enough I can somewhat do both types of toeside turns, but going toeside while turning left was a little more comfortable... which I think means I'm more of a goofy rider than regular. Right?

I'm almost snowboarding... I'm so close I can taste it!

lots of falls, lots of fun!
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