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Default Longboard or Freeboard?

Originally Posted by BoardWalk View Post
Go to and get a gravity, good boards for good prices. If you're just looking for a board to ride around and practice switch the Mini Carve is a good one $144.00 complete, want a big cruiser get a 55" Ed Economy $150.00. We have a few longboards of various brands in our house when people are riding the gravities are always being used. I love my EW Supermodel but the Gravity Brad Edwards is my next choice, just a fun all around board.
super models are sick. daddies is cool. but it's hard to buy your first board without standing on it. unless you live in Portland your not going to daddies. I have bought a few completes from them in the past. bro I have a buddy who is selling all his boards and would give you a killer deal and would ship it. he has a few decks that will be perfect for you. hit me up if you still haven't got a board. I know you won't be able to stand on it but it would be a great deal..
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