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Default Late season board purchase

Hi all, i think this is my first post but I visit this site when I see new gear/boards/etc...
With all the discounts that are going on at the shops I'm looking at maybe getting a new board. Here's my thing: I'm an old guy, been riding since 91 or 92 (I told ya I was old), mostly just cruise around on/off piste, can handle about any snow/terrain/wx, etc: of course I prefer fresh. I got lots of back/slack/side/up/down country experience but most of my time is resort riding these days. I ride in the Great Pacific Northwest
I'm about 200 lbs with all my stuff on, got size 11 boots, sometimes wear 11.5 (never had any problems with overhang as I use bindings that can be centered always).
I currently ride a 2010 157W Lib Lando and a 2007 164.5 Lib Trice. The 64 is the last year that wasnt a banana and I like it. The Lando is pure rocker and can be squirrly! I ride with Union products, usually SLs, Contact Pros, but also have some B Cartels. I ride some punched out (from sledding), highly modded DC Boas and some B Rider/DriverX boots.
Been looking at getting a new shape and smaller board. The boards that are available right now in the area are and what I'm looking at are:
Skunk Ape 157
Skunk Ape 1 HP 161 ($ ouch!)
Billy Goat 159 or 162

I'm not as brand loyal to Mervin as u might think I'm just used to buying and riding their stuff.

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