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Default Longboard or Freeboard?

Originally Posted by ParkPickler View Post
You mean the Surfrodz RKPs?
That bushing seat is gross...Indeesz are fantastic though. I also mostly was refering to cast trucks when I said I love Paris. If I was gonna drop the cash on precisions, Surfrodz would be my last choice.

I never said Otangs were icy...they are just chattery/choppy as hell, and sound like an goat being fingerfucked by Freddy Krueger. Sorry to disagree with your opinions, but I just cannot imagine anyone WILLINGLY riding 86a Stims for a freeride wheel.

Edit: Not to say I completely hate all Orangatangs. The 80a Inheats and 4Prez are fine tech DH wheels
it's cool bro. I ride tweakers. just saying I rode stims and loved them. on new pave they slide amazing
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