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Taming the Beast - Wide Stance Duck wants to carve


My conclusion is, carving with a very wide stance works perfectly fine.

Hip rotation, screws up carving performance with a duck stance and the wide stance is more affected by that. When keeping the hips reasonably parallel to the board, things work just as well with the wide stance.


Are there any ducks with very wide stances and stiff rocker/hybrid boards that can carve well?

The long-winded version:

I'm 6'2" tall. I have a very stiff board symmetrical twin board (tail rocker/camber under binding/rocker in middle/camber under binding/front rocker) that I can carve pretty well with a 23.5" stance and -9/21 binding angles. However, for pretty much everything else I strongly prefer a 26.8" stance with -12/12, -12/15 or -15/15 binding angles (which I'm sure many people will consider extreme).

The wide stance gives me much more control in choppy terrain and my active suspension of independently moving legs and anticipating bumps works much better. I also have a much easier time forcing turns in bad terrain and turning with little weight in front (useful when riding powder with crusty stuff mixed in) and riding powder is a lot less strenuous since I can shift weight back with a lot less effort (riding with set-back screws up handling on groomers).

The only problem with the wide stance is that I can only carve stuff that's not very steep with very good snow conditions - otherwise the carves turn into scarves.

As far as I can tell, I have 3 issues:
- with the narrow stance, I can de-rocker the board by pushing the knees outwards; really helps with setting up the turn, otherwise the board wants to turn a very short radius (can't do that with the wide stance)
- with the wide stance, I have problems tilting the board as much; probably a result of a slightly restricted movement range and binding angles (the -9/21 doesn't work with the wide stance)
- I'm fighting the board: with the narrow stance it can be foot-steered, with the wide stance, dynamic turning is pretty much mandatory (torsionally, on a scale of 1-10, the board probably deserves a stiffness rating of 12)

@Snowolf: I know about angulation vs. inclination and do my best to bend and utilize angulation.

I have screwed around a lot with my bindings (pun intended) and having the maximum forward lean helps, but not enough.

An intermediate stance helps a little with carving, but is not worth the handling sacrifice in choppy terrain.

Any tips are appreciated.

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