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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
I have not ridden the Summit with camber, but "back in the day" my pow board of choice was this magungus Atomic Radon 169 fully cambered. No cambered deck will hold a candle to RC in powder. My 156 NS Raptor or Billy Goat outfloats that huge 169 without breaking a sweat. Now my buddy rides a Summit split and I have take a few turns on it. Probably the best powder specific split out there short of something split tail like the hovercraft.
Yeah I'd love a newer summit but won't be able to spend the cash on one anytime soon. But... Every once in a while I'll me across the older summits and curiosity strikes me. Or... I'll just wait. Buy the 14 Raptor in a shorter length for my daily ride and split my current RaptorX.
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