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Default Freeboarding! Opinions? Anyone familiar with this??

I saw this mentioned in the in the question for skater's thread, and I really want to know more about this!! I'm hoping the title of the thread will bring someone with specific knowledge & experience with these Freeboards!

It looks Awesome Sweet!!!! Watched some vids & shit and did a little research & googling on the subject, but I want to know if these boards and this kind of riding is Legit! Or is this one of those "fads" that are really impractical or just plain stupid? Doesn't look that way from the vid's I've watched! But then, WTF do I know, right?

Here's a couple of quoted replies I & others posted on that thread:

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Damn!!! This shit looks Sweet!!! Is this a new "Fad" or Gimmick" or something or are these boards & that type of riding legit???? I was thinking of trying wake boarding this summer, (...and I still might.) but with one of these boards I wouldn't need a lake, a boat, a rich friend etc. etc.!!! Just a slope & tennis shoes!!

(...maybe some elbow, knee, and ass crash pads would be prudent as well!)
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^This is awesome! I may not be able to resist!
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how the hell do those wheels work, are they just super hard?? I longboarded years ago and even dabbled in making them for a few years, but that looks SOOO much cooler.....
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i rarely can get stoked on summer activities during snow season but HOLEEEE FAAAAACK!
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Here's what I got from one of my Googley searches on the interwebz!

Freebord | Official Website | Freebord news, events, community & product info

I DEFINITELY gotta research this shit summore!!! I wuz already starting to feel a bit of "Post Season" depression cuz we got a closing date for our "local's"!! (...less than 2 weeks!!!)
After that, it's a minimum 4 hour drive for shitty (...and expensive!) snow!!
Anyone here that has any experience with these boards & riding them,.. PLEASE chime in! I want to know more about this!!!
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IK, R? Just for "shit's & giggles" I used that site's Build a Board feature. Without knowing really what I needed, I just picked the "performance" rated options & ended up with a board running about $250! SHIT!!! That's Half what my Arbor snowboard cost! If that could keep me shreddin' all year long????? Fuck I'd pay twice that!!!! Even without California's & SF's long winding hills? There's plenty of asphalt rollers here in SE MI that would give me WAY more slope & longer runs than ANY of the local ski resorts provide!!!!! (...not so sure about "lightly" traffic'd tho!!)
If you've got any first hand experience with riding these things, I'd REALLY appreciate hearing about it!! (...never been a Skateboarder myself, but then I didn't ski before boarding either!) I'm hoping this is really a legitimate deal and love the idea of being able to shred all summer long!!!
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