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Rome Vinyl is a good board, bought one for a friend and she loves it. It's not really all that intermediate, it's the women's version of the Mod Rocker, but it should shred the mountain great and really good on jumps.

Squats (front and back), deadlifts, lunges, good mornings, Romanian deadlifts, all good things for your legs and core. Don't ignore your upper body too much either to keep muscle balance. I also love to beat the crap out of old tires with sledgehammers of assorted weights with assorted intervals of work and rest, great whole body workout combined with conditioning at the same time. Running stairs is great for the legs as well.

Love the 'Loaf and hoping to get some nice spring boarding up there in April.

Edit: Have a contour camera myself, it's nice to watch some videos in the summer when I'm wishing there was snow on the ground to ride.

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