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Thanks for the input y'all. Yeah the Loaf is a special place man. Drink it up! Lol...good mornings, romanian deadlifts and running stairs just made me flash back to my years on my high school ski team! Arrrrgh. All good though. I can get on that. Running is good for general cardio but its extremely efficient and theres really no muscle confusion. I'll still admit to breathing a little heavy on some skates last weekend though! Snowboarding must be really good exercise.

I was thinking...get a cheap all mtn board and Craigslist it/pawn when I leave Cali. I am there until April 30th which is perfect for the next 4 Sundays at Tahoe. The cheap Burton progression rental was $42 and a whole day demo board on mountain was $72! None of the local shops I looked at (basically Any Moutain sports) had off site demo snowboards. I didnt want to get $200 in on demos if I can get a cheap but better than rental set up for $250. Then next season I'll get a real board. I did eye that GNU B-Nice too! There was a K2 board that loooked decent too. I'm 99% sure I'm going stiffer, edgier and fast rather than buttery park board. I still have to go home to the east coast and compared to Tahoe we got some crappy ice floes to ride on!

I also travel enough for work that I have platinum status on US Air so I dont pay bag fees. So if I catch the right deal on a Lib Tech or GNU I'm snatching it! Wait..are Lib Techs still as amazingly orgasmic rides?

Oh and I didnt mean to offend with the camera thing! I totally get how watching video of your form makes a ton of sense for improving. But since I just came from Northstar (which is the anti Sugarloaf) and spent the day watching ppl with more money than brains parked under rollers so they could get a base shot of their buddy...I really got turned off by "camera riders." Lol. I'm so holding the line on iPods though. Sooo dangerous. I was freaked to find out helmets have ear bud inserts! Its like implicitly saying "hey you gotta helmet, go be reckless!"

Edited to add: Oh my god...I just realized I used to smoke a joint and barrell down steeps at 40 MPH with nothing but a beanie to protect my brain. I am so glad I dont have kids. I need to call every adult authority figure I ever had and apologize like right now.

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