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Originally Posted by TorpedoVegas View Post
Most hotels request no skis or boards in the rooms for the very reason that they don't want people waxing thier gear in the rooms and damaging the floors. They usually make you lock up gear in a storage room near the lobby. You might be able to sneak your gear into the room but I've heard of hotels charging you extra if they have to clean wax from the floors/carpets.

Just something to think about.
Like Wangta I did not know that either. But seriously people should not be doing it, not because the hotels could be charging extras for the cleaning. It's difficult not not spill scrapped wax on the floor even if you have proper equipment (a bench and vises) ...... well unless you have a large canvas, or sheets of newspaper to cover the floor for the job. Leaving your wax mess for someone else to clean up is quite inconsiderate. Scrapped wax is not just dust, they stick.

Originally Posted by pdxrealtor View Post
Just got back today from 7 days in SLC / big/little cottonwoods. I brought my iron, wax, brushes, stones, even the jacks (we had a condo with a garage) and was going to do everyone's skis and edges at night.

Didn't even open my bag that had my maintenance gear in it, except to get out my chewing tobacco.

After riding all day, partying all night, over and over the last thing you'll want to do is maintain your board. And it's by far the last thing you'll need to do. I, just after doing a complete board tune, jacked all my edges up. No urge to even break out a black stone to clean it up even a little.

And I had the large heated garage with a place to mount my jacks (or vices).

Just leave it and forget it ......
Me too. I hot waxed my boards at home but I brought rub-on liquid wax with me to the resort. Whether rub-on wax is good or not is another debatable issue. But every evening I was just too exhausted to examine my board for worn out waxed areas, let alone doing the rub-on's. That's just me.

Haha also at the end of each day, as I reflect the many areas in my riding I could improve on, it makes me wonder if simply putting a new layer of wax would appreciably make me excel to the next level. I think boards that are superbly maintained don't play an important part in my riding yet. More practice is what I need. To each their own.
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