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Default Trouble jumping off heel edge

I am having trouble jumping off of my heel edge. I'm just getting into park riding and have been practicing my 180's carving across the slope. I feel way more comfortable jumping from my heel side but I can't get any pop. If I jump from my toe side, I can pop like Spud Webb. I have eaten it a few times from my board catching an edge trying to 180 with some speed jumping from my heel side.

I can 180 off a jump but obviously I don't catch my edge because I'm in the air from the jump. I'm sure it's ugly and I don't feel like my technique is correct. I haven't attempted a backside 180 off a jump because I don't feel comfortable yet landing blind.

It is the same whether I'm riding regular or switch so I know my technique is way off. I'm assuming I'm probably trying to jump flat footed but it doesn't feel like it.

Any tips or just more practice? Anything I can do around the house to practice my technique because the season is pretty much over here in Indiana.


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