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Originally Posted by goodbyegalaxy View Post
Hm, maybe just the 2013 Limiteds (and potentially the 2014s?) then? There are no tabs on mine to be seen, and there is foam on the top and the bottom of the binding. I asked customer support if I was supposed to peel back the foam to find the tabs and they said not to.
Where the heel foam and the gas pedal foam meet,.. in the footbed of the binding, that is where your "Tabs" are. they are nothing more than indentations in the BOTTOM of the gas pedals foam and they are a little difficult to get to! They are made to be pulled/peeled up at that juncture (Near the heel cup) and the gas pedal folds up & back!

Are there no instructions in the box they came in? Not sarcastic,.. asking?

Later edit: WTF, Maybe the limiteds are one piece foam! IDK? I have the 2012/13 Restricted Cartel's! If they are? How the fuck did burton expect you to get at the disks to get them mounted?
Burton may want you to "pop" them off the snaps/tabs whatever the everlovin F they call em from the bottom of the binding, course, you wont be able to do that once they're mounted! So tell burton that they BETTER be able to be peeled back from the top!!! Either that or they're meant to be permanent?
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