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Originally Posted by snowbrdr View Post
I consider myself an intermediate rider staying to to mountain and not the park. I have been using the ctxs for about 3 years and have loved them. Once they are dialed in they are quick and easy to get in and out and perform well. Two days ago I decided to try the mutants combined with my carbon credit. It took a bit to get everything adjusted but once they were were a bit easier to get in and out of - snapping the back up was much easier. On the down side the toe strap would sometimes move and have to be tweaked a bit to get your foot in the right spot to lock up. The ctxs are a bit more set it and forget it, but I am noticing the mutants are more responsive and less forgiving. I am going to stick with the mutants for now because I feel like they have better power transfer and sensitivity controlling the board. The lighter weight is also noticeable. Everything has a learning curve and 2days on the mountain are not enough for me to give a final decision but I think I am having more fun with the mutants. Last thing is the ankle strap pressure release is a cool feature if you like your bindings set tight.
Keep us posted if you make any more trips.

I would like to demo these myself still haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet since my CTX's are holding up well.
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