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Sorry to revive a thread but just sharing my experience:

Friday boarded all day, last run of the day did a goofy 180 in the park and landed on my side on hardpack. Ribs hurting BAD... Took a couple advil on the way home and tried to live with it.

Went to the hospital in the morning. They gave me a bunch of advil and tylenol, and checked a bunch to make sure I was breathing normally (other than the pain in the ribs). The doctor said there was no point in taking an x-ray and just to take it easy and pick up some tylenol and advil on the way home. I mentioned doing a competition this coming week and she said she could do an xray if I wanted but there wasn't much need.

So I'm living the painkiller life, crossing my fingers that the pain goes away substantially by Friday morning.
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