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I feel fairly comfortable ollying flatbased off 'wave runs', even at higher speeds. I actually backed out of the biggest Jump in this park i went to (it is a run of 4 jumps, each progressively bigger, last being 25-30ft?). It was mainly the fear of catching an edge on the kicker at the speed i was approaching it, so i just went to side of it and just ollied over the hip.

I have to admit, I cant remember ever having caught an edge while flatbasing with this board (K2 Parkstar - flat rocker), so perhaps its just a fear i have to get over. I suppose some of my fear about flatbasing is the possibility of being thrown heelside right before the launch. If i catch a toe edge i might be able to do something, but the thought of leaving heel edge and having the board come out in front of me is not cool. I read that story on here about the guy breaking his back because of a heel edge jump and dont want to repeat it.

Cr0, that is reassuring to hear.

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