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Originally Posted by unsunken View Post
I also used to be pretty good at riding flat-based. Doesn't work everywhere and doesn't work well in choppy conditions. I'd still occasionally catch an edge, but my board was soft enough and I was used to the feeling enough that I could correct it and wouldn't fall. Ungraceful? Certainly when I had to make corrections. Doable? In the right conditions. I don't do it anymore though, since we actually get snow out west that would cause constant edge catching. That and after taking a snowboarding hiatus, my reflexes aren't what they used to be.
Thank you brother! I was being tagged teamed there by some guys who clearly have not developed the board control and reflex reaction it takes to be able to truely flat base.
A mistake is not a mistake if you realise its about to happen and make a correction before it kicks your ass.
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