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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Yeah, I NEVER give anyone any advice in here.....

Might want to read through the threads in here before making a comment buddy. People did answer his question, he just didnt like the answers they gave as you appearanly dont either. You might also note, that when Wrathfuldiety and others actually gave him answers to improve, he ignored them and started arguing about boardercross.

No. Wrathfuldeity answered and I read it. I didn't ignore him, and acknowledged that he answered it in a recent comment. The thread took off with dumb comments about "flat basing isn't snowboarding" and I argued THOSE comments a little in the beginning, using boarder cross as one example.

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
When you read that, people are not overly motivated to answer his question. Does not mean that people didnt give him their honest answers. I actually answered the guy`s question in another thread so I addressed the issue that was raised about it A: being possible and B: being faster.
I didn't ask it in another thread. You got confused and then gave me shit for ignoring an answer you never gave because you mixed up your threads. And your comment about using a box didn't come until AFTER all that. And I haven't even said anything since that part.

You dont seem to understand that there is difference between fighting and discussing. Behi and I were discussing, not fighting, technique from an instructor perspective. This is also a subforum for instructors and coaches to discuss theory and coaching techniques after all. Sorry if a little high school level physics is too confusing to you. As instructors, I realize we need to dumb it down for the general public but we also use this subforum to discuss topics at an instructor level. But since I dont ever help anyone here, I can go now and stop wasting my time trying to help folks improve their riding ....
I don't think anyone is saying you never help anyone. You've been very helpful. In general though this thread was a shit show, and there was plenty of fighting. Not from you. Except this comment where you call me out, I don't know what that is for really.

I did briefly question one comment by you saying boarder cross has no flat basing and only carving, which I did in a respectful way, and acknowledged your expertise. Which was kinda besides the point anyway, I was just finding legitimate examples because some posters, and even you at one time, said it should never be done (but you since cleared that up).

And regarding dumbing things down...I don't know who you think is on the other end of these keyboards, but you might be surprised at our ability to digest 6th grade physics, among other things

Spring comes along and ruins our snow and makes everyone PMS I guess.

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