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Nobody can cook my Fred!

Back to our regularly scheduled thread:

Here are my recipes of the day (might be duplicates for what I've already posted in here, but oh well!)... Our local Finnish Club is having a mid-summer party in June, and I'm going to be BBQing up some beef ribs and chicken thighs.

Beef Ribs:

- Each rack will feed 3-4 people or so as a main course, 7 people if it's in addition to other meat

- Pre-heat oven to 350.

- Peel away the membrane from the back of the rack using a butter knife. Once you get used to this you can usually get it off in a complete sheet.

- Place the racks on large pieces of tinfoil, and season. I use about 3-4 cloves of garlic per rack, crushed and spread on top, then some cracked pepper and a little Montreal steak spice.

- Wrap the racks in about 3 layers of tin foil. Lots of fat/liquid will come out of the racks and you don't want to lose that. More tin foil is better than not enough.

- Place racks on cookie sheets with rims, in case any liquid leaks out. You could probably do up to six racks in one oven if you had 3 per cookie sheet, but I usually max out at 4 racks.

- Roast in the oven for AT LEAST 3 hours. I usually leave mine for 4 or so. You don't need to touch them, turn them, look at them or anything. JUST LEAVE THEM IN THERE!!!

- Remove racks from oven, open tin foil and drain off the fat. When cool enough to touch, use a sharp knife and cut the individual ribs off. The meat will be falling off the bone already so use a SHARP knife!

- Either bag them up for freezing right away, or place them on a grill on low-medium heat. You want to crisp up the edges a bit, and then start slapping on BBQ sauce. I usually just use bullseye bold original or similar, nothing fancy for me as far as sauces go. Sauce, brush, turn. Repeat a couple times. The sauce should just be starting to caramelize when you pull the ribs off the grill!

- If you've frozen any ribs, remove them from the freezer at least a couple hours before BBQing. They're already cooked so it's safe to remove from freezer and leave in the fridge for a couple days, take with you in the cooler, etc. Then I just BBQ as above and sauce after they've crisped up for about 10 minutes! Just make sure you freeze them fairly quickly after roasting, if you wait too long the meat will dry out on the counter.

BBQ Chicken Thighs:

- This is my other favourite for a large crowd, because they're easy to prep ahead of time, and forgiving on the grill. Each person will probably eat 2-3 thighs.

- Depending on the size of the crowd and how fancy I want to get, I'll make anywhere from 1-3 marinades. I don't have exact recipes for them as they're a little different each time.

- Marinade 1: This is my usual marinade and it's a little different each time. I throw the boneless skinless thighs in a freezer bag, then toss in some white wine, a little canola oil, medium curry powder (a lot!), black pepper, and sometimes some verjus (wine juice).

- Marinade 2: Again, toss the thighs in a freezer bag, add in some white wine/verjus, canola, Montreal chicken spice, and some garlic powder or crushed garlic.

- Marinade 3: White wine/verjus, canola, smoked salt, and pepper. (this batch I'll rub with BBQ sauce when they're nearly cooked)

- BBQ should be on low, chicken thighs like to cook slowly! I'll usually have a bit of a system between the top racks and bottom. Turning every 5 mins or so. When they're about half done I throw the ribs on the bottom rack and get them going. On my smallish BBQ I can get about 20 ribs and 30-40 thighs at the same time!

If we're having corn at the same time, I just toss them right on the bottom rack on low-med heat still in the husk, hair and all. They're done when the husks are looking golden but the leaves inside are still bright green. I can't wait for BBQ season!!!
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