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Originally Posted by pdxrealtor View Post
Call burton and ask them for some prophecy foot pads, they're lighter and will not collect ice.

For the highback, I ripped off the first layer of rubber ..... The black piece. It was starting to come off and I had got another highback from burton because of it. However once I thought about it I decided to just rip the first layer off leaving just the thin orange layer.

It didn't solve the problem 100% but it did help. Also, when ice does build up use the ratchet to scrape it off. Works great.

I also ordered extra ratchets from burton and just carry one with me in case I break one scraping ice, which is very unlikely.
I use my ratchet to scrape the ice off too, its the only available tool I have at the time to get the shit off but my ratchet and footbeds now look like this because of it

I would love a set of prophecy pads but I already feel sorry for the shop I bought mine from. I bought them while in the states and I live in Australia yet they have sent me out 2 replacement highbacks already, never asked me to pay shipping which is very good of them.

Im thinking of ripping off the top layer on my footbeds, that should leave a smooth surface and stop the ice problems.

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