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helmet cams don't really have end of season sales, since they're always in season for something or other.

I've owned a Contour Roam for a while and have recently bought a Drift. Here's some observations:

- The Contours have a known problem with their mikes not working properly. May or may not be fixed, but you could still get an older production model. If you buy a Contour, either test it first or make sure you can return it to the store for exchange or refund.
- Lack of any way to review your footage on the mountain is a big problem and gets bigger as you get more adventurous. I've gone home only to discover that an entire day's worth of videos had a problem. So get something that either has a built-in screen or can stream to your phone.
- The Drift remote control is nice, but with the cheaper model the only feedback is a beep from the camera which is almost inaudible with a helmet on. The Ghost has a light on the remote to indicate when it's on. Much better.
- Waterproof rating is important. One more reason to avoid GoPro.
- Swappable battery is important.

Once you get past the basics, you start to look at gee-whiz features that you may or may not find important. For instance, the Ghost has a "tape loop" feature where it records continuously but only saves the last 5 minutes. At any point you can press a button and save the last 5 minutes to a separate file. Good for catching those unexpected events.

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