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Safety on the hills

Maybe its because I'm a noob boarder, but ever since I started riding on a snowboard I've noticed how unsafe a lot of things are on the hill. Not mentioning other people running into you, both the ones that have no idea what they are doing (etiquette mostly) and the ones that hot dog on blue runs with their GoPro cameras on their helmets and almost kill themselves and others.
I've noticed I recognize or am more aware of dangers quicker. On skies I was as well, but I feel like I'm more aware of my surroundings on my board. Skis almost give you a false sense of security, cause you can escape some bad situations more easily however when shit hits the fan....

Anyways a few examples I noticed, such as not having enough room when you get off the lift. Yesterday I was on a lift that had a fairly sharp bank down when you dismount and maybe 2m if that with a fence right in front of you. People running into the fence, spilling all over, crowded. Didn't help the fact that it was icy as hell. Never seen so many skiers wipe out and boarders....forget it. About half the boarders opted to carry their board in their hand on the lift which I've never seen before.
Ice all around when you get on the lift as well, lift attendants pointless. I went with a skier friend, who wanted to check out a run and in one section it was about 3m wide, so icy people were sliding down sideways only and it was packed wit people to the max. I understand hills are trying to make a profit but come on take care of your shit.

The thing that pissed me off the most yesterday was I was going down a run that was ridiculously wide, I went to the left side and found myself in an area with about 5cm of snow, frozen ground and rocks. Normally that side is rideable, but they didn't bother to add new snow or take care of it cause its late in the season and thats fine, yet didn't close it either. From a distance it looks rideable. Basically the whole left side of the run was like this. I noticed a bunch of other people made the same mistake as I, including some boarders. Ended up scratching the bottom of my new board. Shit happens but its not difficult to put up some sticks with a rope attached to it or warn people with a sign or two up top if they're cheap and don't wanna put up a full on fence.

Maybe I sound like I'm whining and I'm used to being on hills but sometimes just sit at the bottom of a run with a beer and watch people go down and it makes you wonder how there are not more injuries.
I'm actually more vary on blues than reds. Red's are less crowded for the most part and you don't have to contend with having Alberto Tomba showing off while grazing your ass as you try and avoid a father teaching his little girl to ski.
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