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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
So many insults....why?

Here is the deal with this continual argument. The problem here is the preaching and the name calling. Some in the pro helmet camp take on an almost evangelic fervor about it that is just going to piss people off. It`s like the new born again Christian or new non smoker who seems to be on some mission to save the world. In every one of these threads that pop up over and over and over again, year after year after year after year, its always the same. The pro helmet evangilist resorts to calling everyone else dumb, stupid, idiot, moron, etc. This is NOT how you are going to win anyone over. In all of these arguments over the years I have not seen a case wear a non helmet person has called the helmet advocate names. This is just like the God freaks who get nasty and mean when the atheist does not agree with them on the subject of religion.

Being in the profession of snowsports, we talk a lot about this issue and quite frankly, almost everyone is sick and tired of the helmet preachers who really need to get over themselves and just stop it; its fucking annoying as hell. I don't think there is a single person out there that doesn't get the benefits of helmet use but this constant barrage of helmet, helmet, helmet, helmet gets fucking old. What the helmet evangelist doesn't seem to get is that by proselytizing non stop, they are actually creating Resistance to helmet use in the same way that in many cases, nagging a smoker to quit will actually make them more determined not to.

Think about it. Look at this thread as an example. In the 5 years of admining this forum, I cannot remember ever seeing a thread started by someone who doesn't wear a helmet, preaching the evils of helmet use or making fun of people wearing helmets. On the other hand we have on average 2 or 3 of these "wear your helmet" threads a year. After awhile it just gets fucking old.

What also gets old is the repeated anecdotal stories about how a helmet saved this person`s life or prevented that person`s concussion or death. Fact of the matter is that even without helmet use, skiing and riding is actually statistically a very safe sport. You are hundreds of times more likely to receive a head injury in the car crash on the way to or from the mountain.

If a person does not want to wear a helmet, it is no one else`s business and it is not anyone`s place to be preaching about it. As an adult, capable of my own risk assessment I can determine for myself whether I choose to wear or not wear a helmet and I don't need some do gooder acting like my personal nanny. Sorry, but the proselytizing is a form of butting into other people`s business and it is both intrusive and rude.

That is why people get testy over this constant preaching. We all get it. We all "should" be wearing a helmet. If we are not already doing so it is not because the helmet evangelists hasn't spread the good news; its because we made a choice not to and the preaching is only going to turn people off.

I wear a helmet sometimes bu to be honest, I don't more than I do. Have I taken some nasty falls? Yep. Have I hit my head? Very rarely and in fact I hit my head way more with a helmet on. Well, I used to until I switched to the lighter weight, lower profile Capix and Sandbox helmet. I find the standard egg head helmets have a big enough profile that I hit more shit with my head because of the helmet.

Lastly, don`t kid yourself about helmets. Too many people think of these things as some sort of magic talisman that makes you invincible and as a bonus wards off evil. Most helmets are rated for under 15 MPH and an impact more than that makes the helmet increasingly ineffective. If you are riding at 25 MPH, which is really slow for any intermediate rider, and you slam your head to the ice or hit a tree, you are getting a concussion helmet or not. The concussion is caused by the sudden stop and the brain slamming into the skull. This still happens with a helmet. The helmet is designed to protect the surface of the head from impact and they are very effective for that. Again, not discouraging helmet use, just reminding folks of facts. Too often I see people ride irresponsibly because the helmet gives them an inflated sense of security and as a result, do things that puts them in needless peril and it is because they are wearing the helmet that think they can do anything without consequence.

At any rate, carry on but lets cut the name calling and keep it civil.
Yes the disrespect and name calling here is uncalled for and bullshit. As for people preaching...they can fuck off. As I have said...I wear one. Looks gay, but who cares. Do I think you or anyone else should? Dont really care. Unless of course you are part of my family, then I might have something to say about it. Otherwise...rather you wouldnt because watching people on the board of shame gives me a chuckle. No matter the injury, and I laugh a little because, hey, it wasnt me this time!

For the stories...dont care either way. You know, some people even make those up. Hell even statistics are 46% bullshit, but sometimes a good reference point.
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