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I'm right there with little (or big?) brother. I came back to boarding after a 10+ year hiatus . before that I had like 12 seasons of 40-50 days so I've seen a LOT on the hill.

I'm from the east coast but riding in Cali for most of the that could have an impact but I'm backing up your frustrations with my own. I seriously hate these effing cameras. Its not just boarders either. Every third person has a camera and I hate them. You get families videotaping their li. le ones. Hot dogs straightlining while looking at a view screen. Two weeks ago I almost plowed a gaggle of people under a roller (not on the side of the trail.) They were waiting for their buddy to hit it with a damn camera. But he was sitting above them when i went over it taking his sweet ass time with the drop in. 99.9% of us won't go pro and back in the day people found ways to improve form without video.

But I guess its just the culture. People are addicted to their own awesomeness nowadays. Its the Facebook-ification of America. Similarly...entitled parents seem to be a problem. Hauling their kid on blacks to edgie wedgie their way down after creating a human shield of 50 ft wide turns above the kid and across half the trail. Parents are so neutoric nowadays they probably heard their neighbors little Jimmy was doing blacks last season and flipped the hell out.

Or worse they dump em with ski school for the babysitting and one instructor herds a pack of 10 year olds across the mountain. Ever see an instructor without the presence to get kids to listen and mind instructions. Its like the madness on the back of the bus of your 4th grade field trip...only barreling at you at high speeds.

I dislike iPods/iPhones. I never saw anyone snowboard with music in their ears before. Relieving yourself of one of your major sensory inputs while going 40 MPH with no padding makes no sense to me. You wouldnt put headphones on in the car mostly because its illegal in most states.

And the hill staff not marking hazards is unnacceptable. I dont know where you are but there should be and probably is a code in the town or county statues. People can get seriously hurt that way. Same with lift ice. Ice happens but at most mountains the attendants are expected o shovel snow on the ramps between chairs. Chair, shovel, chair, shovel. Flatten. Not rocket science. But not doing it is sheer laziness. People fall off chairs. Lifts stop. Lines get bigger.Landings get more crowded. At least no one is going fast of the chair.

And overselling is not in the vocabulary of anyone in outdoor recreation management. There's no such thing as too crowded.

I totally agree. Snowboarding is dangerous enough. If you can support the hills that do a great job with safety and equipment reliability. The place I was at today did an excellent job with this and it was noticed and very appreciated. I will def be going back there.
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