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Originally Posted by TorpedoVegas View Post
Never ever flat base, always keep an edge..... End of thread.
Wow, I guess not!!

Actually, I agree, I didn't think snowboards even worked if they were truly flat based. Everyone has seen the first time boarder on the bunny hill. They are determined to make it down the bunny hill. They flat base the whole way and that board is wiggling and sliding side to side and then they crash. The first thing we say when they get up is, "Dude, never, ever ride without an edge."

I have only been riding one full season so I can truly remember riding flat base and it was a pretty bad feeling. You KNOW you are about to catch an edge at any second. So, I make a conscious decision to have a major edge so I never flat base. I wonder if the people on this thread with a lot of riding experience have such fine edge control they appear to be completely flat based but they are not. My kid looks like he is flat based at 50 mph and it scares the crap out of me. He claims he has an edge but his board looks flat as snot.

Conditions do matter and some conditions are more forgiving than others. I learned to snowboard on an ice encrusted hill in Minnesota. The first time we had about 6 inches of snow I felt myself flat base and braced for impact. Nothing happened of course and the powder washed over my edge.

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