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Sounds like you are riding in spring time conditions. Extremely hard for a hill to manage. Rocks and brown patches are only going to get worse for you now. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Impossible for every rock and patch to get roped off. Same goes with the icy spots when the temp rises and cools so fast. Now add the folks that either pizza or 50/50 down the entire run. Only makes things worse. What little snow there is gets pushed to the sides and the bottom of the mountain.

Music and video recording are something that every hill has. I have my mp3 player in one ear and a Contour on the side of my helm. I can hear just fine and have yet to become a liability to anyone else because I was recording something.

Lift ops will herd you like cattle when things are busy. Get use to it. If I'm running our 6 man high speed and there is a line, I want 6 to a chair so people can get in as many runs as possible. We don't allow anyone to "carry" their board or skis on the chairs. That seems like a accident waiting to happen. I don't want people flailing that shit around in my face when unloading.

If I happen to be riding and don't know the folks on my chair I will either unload at the last possible moment or push off the back of the chair to get a jump start. Works great for steering clear of wipeouts.

Nothing you can really do about it and getting bent out of shape over it will only ruin your day. The more you visit your local hill the better you get at spotting "dangers" before they happen. Just worry about yourself, relax, and have a good time.
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