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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post

You and anyone on this forum can PM anytime you want about anything.

I am not picking on you here per se but I was trying to deal with this on the road with an Iphone and just didn't have the ability to deal with all of your points. I am address this publicly because it is at the crux of my extreme frustration with these helmet threads and I will go into that next post.

For really not giving a crap, you sure are passionate about this. You have a "right" to have an opinion and to voice it yes. It has never been about your opinion, it has been about the delivery and you do NOT have a right to use any tone you feel like. That has been what I have been trying to tell everyone involved. This is not open for debate any longer. No one is going to be allowed to call people stupid, idiot or any other name simply because they hold an opinion that you fell is stupid or idiotic. You seem like a pretty sharp guy, you should have no problem finding a way to get your point across without being a dick to people. This is no longer just a friendly request nor is it meant to single you out this goes for everyone. No more insults and name calling period.

You need to learn way more about me and what I have said even in this thread. In the next post, I will direct you and others to specific posts wear I have advocated proper fitting helmets. You are also grossly misrepresenting what I have said here. I have clearly in multiple helmet threads thread over six years clearly stated that there is a HUGE difference between a helmet proponent and a" helmet nazi" or "helmet evangelical". There is a HUGE difference between offering up advice and preaching. I know you are smart enough to understand this. You are deliberately obfuscating here to bolster your argument and I am not buying it. And for your information, when I coach kids, I wear my helmet to "set a good example" even though we are not required to by our resort. Again, you need to get to know someone before jumping to conclusions.

Again though, It isn't the content, its your delivery that is the problem. It is perfectly acceptable to "correct misinformation" and I do it all of the time but there is a huge difference between this and preaching or nagging. Put the information out there, when able back it up with some sources (very helpful but not always necessary) and leave it at that. I know you have heard the saying that you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink. Same thing here. You did your "duty", you put the information out, now leave it be and quit preaching. That is all people are saying. The problem is and it was said in another thread, when you keep on, it comes across as having to "win" the argument at all costs.

Don`t worry, you are in no danger of anything yet. I can even accept that you don't mean to disrespect people but you have to understand that it does not come across that way when you call someone an idiot. No one is going to take kindly to that. It starts fights and once you say that, nothing you say after will even register with the person so you sabotaged everything you claim to be wanting to accomplished but your delivery.

Like I said, you are still cool with the admin and mod team right now. You are just kind of the catalyst that has brought this entire helmet issue back to the forefront again and we are looking at making some changes about how these topics will be handled in the future because in six years, every single helmet thread has ended in a shit show. So again, you are not being singled out even though it seems like it. Plenty before you have had issues and we have banned many people for going apeshit over helmets.

Feel free to PM with any questions. Not pissed at you in any way, just exasperated with this entire subject.
Thanks SnoWolf, I understand your points and will keep them in mind for future reference. I guess too many years on forums has made me respond in certain ways that I shouldn't.

Here's my response to this thread :

Hey guys I wear a helmet because I hit my head a few times and remembered the story about Liam Neeson's wife dying and figured it wasn't worth the risk. It doesn't bother me much to wear it once I got used to it. To each their own. :-)

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