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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Interesting observation Nenni. I agree witht he Raptor. I find the NS as well as Mervin C2, pretty spooky flat basing on packed but I actually feel much better flat basing on traditional camber. I am shooting in the dark here but I am attributin this to the fact that with traditional camber, when flat based, I actually have four contact points engaged with the snow. On my Billy Goat and the the Neversummer boards, if I am flat based, its like riding balanced on a bowling ball with the rocker under the pivot point of the board and all four contact points floating above the snow in the air.

The only way I flat base on these profiles is very nose heavy to ride the front half of the board in order to keep two contact points engaged with the snow or in a full tail press. never ever centered.
That's EXACTLY how I felt yesterday. I'd go flat on the Evo and immediately feel unsafe ( hardpack over ice, some loose granular pushed around unevenly by skiers). I literally felt like I was trying to stand on one of those big bouncy workout balls.. The nose wanted to go one way, then the tail, to the point where I realized it was just not safe to ride like that. I made it across the flat fine putting some slight heel pressure and if I did start slowing down I shifted my weight over the nose. No matter how much I WANTED to be totally flat, my board and body kept telling me it was a bad idea.

That being said, I wonder how I'd feel if I was riding a Mod Rocker or a Buckwild or any other mostly flat based board. I can't really compare to camber as I haven't ridden camber in so long I don't even remember what it feels like. I know on my 09 GNU DK (full rocker) it has even less contact than the Evo and there's no shot of that happening on this coast

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