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Yesterday, Bakes lined up for chair 1 to start loading; the kids all had their airbags on and some old crusty skier a little ways back, talking shit notes. "The tunnel creek thing is just the start....all these kids with their airbags and shit have no idea...thinking they can take more risk and the shit will hit the fan...more will die because more are out there with their false sense of security because of their gear...when it goes off it will take out a whole lot more just wait and see it happen." While it is a valid point, there is also alot more education and awareness available for those willing to heed the advice...but dumb shits....gene pool selection. I'm sure this skier (they just ignored him) was just making assumptions based on the kids' avy gear and their age and had no idea that their dad is the senior avy trainer for pro and volly patrol, the kids regularly help out patrol and always check-in with patrol about conditions before heading out.
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