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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
I think you might want to take note of something here. In the six years of moderating and admining this site, I have seen these same threads crop up year after year and we usually see 2 to 3 a year and in EVERY case they have had to be locked because it is ALWAYS the helmet evangelicals who attack and insult anyone who dares express an opinion that as an adult they have the right to choose to not wear a helmet. These people just cant stand it and ALWAYS attack. All I have EVER seen from the opposition is the desire to just be left the hell alone and yes they have called these people helmet nazis and I happen to agree. Some of these people get so damn bent out of shape because they cant convert someone they become fascist in nature.

When they cant convert by insults and attacks and brow beating, their next step is ALWAYS to try to get laws passed that force people to comply with their opinions. If that isn't Fascist and Nazism I don't know what is. Then when called Fascists and Nazis, these people freak out and play the victim role.

Sorry if I lack the patience for this shit. After dealing with it over and over and over in every damn helmet thread, I am sick of it. Not to mention that a real personal pet peeve of mine is people who can`t mind their own business and control freaks. I loath busy bodies and control freaks with a passion This entire country would be so much better off if people would just mind their own business and stop trying to control other people. At least a large part of this fanatical fervor around helmet use is based solely of control freaks trying to satisfy their pathological need to control other people. I hate it and I hate these people.

This thread went to absolute shit once again at post 157:

Post 157

This is what I have been talking to Mr. Eastside about. Why people cant express their opinion and he is by no means an exception here, without this kind of vitriol escapes me. They always say the same thing too, "I don't really care what you do, I am just pointing out how stupid your are". Really? If a person doesn't care, then why the angry tone? Why the need to control that other person?

Anyway, that is why I am so done with these threads and I may in fact takes Marshal`s suggestion and close this one too. We are going to have a talk in the admin lounge about this and maybe put a moratorium on these helmet discussion because not one has ever had a good ending. We got rid of the politics section for this reason.

In the time being, people need to understand a few things. There has literally never been one single person posting an opinion that helmets should not be worn. Almost everyone alive understands the benefits of wearing one and no one really needs convincing. Even those who either always wear a helmet or selectively wear one are all sick and tired of the damn preaching. Just shut up already, we get it, just stop and mind your own damn business. As I said earlier, all this incessant preaching does for some is galvanize their resolve to never wear one because they don't want to give into a bunch of damn control freaks. We are at a point where the preaching is having the opposite effect.

So, new rule goes into effect right now. talk helmets all you want, compare brands, review them, whatever. If someone asks whether they should or shouldn't wear a helmet, give them your advice but do it politely and not with the attitude. If a counter opinion is given, leave it alone; its not your place to attack or counter an opinion given. Now, from here on out any more of this insulting, calling people idiots or stupid will get this thread locked and the user will be given a 30 day ban. I am done with reading all of these insults and personal attacks.
The reason some people (myself included) want a law passed regarding helmet use is due to the social implications of head injuries, not the desire to "control" people. That is absurd paranoia.

Let's say Snowboarder X is out on the mountain one day, falls, and sustains a head injury. Let's say it's a traumatic brain injury and that it will limit Mr. X in terms of his cognitive ability for the rest of his life. His health insurance company or his parents' health insurance company is only going to pay a portion of what he needs in terms of care. It is not going to pay benefits to cover 24 hour care, vocational rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, speech pathology, etc.

To the extent that the insurance company now has humongous bills to cover for Mr. X, how do you think they do it? They pass the cost of it onto everyone else that has the same health insurance. When you require THAT much medical care, we, as a society, pay for each other in the form of higher premiums. The effect may be miniscule if you look at it on a small scale, but if you aggregate all of the head injuries and the cost of care associated with those injuries over a lifetime and then compare that with baseline health insurance premium prices, you'd see a substantial difference.

The best analogy, really, is seatbelts in a motor vehicle. It wasn't always legally required to wear your seatbelt. Some people wore them, some people didn't. Most didn't, in fact. And what happened? Over time, car insurance companies studied accidents, injuries and fatalities and found that those who weren't wearing seatbelts suffered far worse injuries. So they worked in tandem with the car manufacturers, the federal government and state government to ensure that seatbelts would be required. The result wasn't an across-the-board elimination on injuries or fatalities, of course. But the rate of driver-hours to severe injuries is much lower in the seatbelt era. Fewer people get hurt, they get hurt less severely and our car insurance premiums aren't as high as they would be if seatbelts weren't legally required.

That's fascism? That's naziism? No sir, it's not. That's called progress.

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