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Re: To wear or not to wear a Helm?

Originally Posted by East§ide View Post
I can definitely see where you're coming from. I'm of the opinion that almost everything should be about personal choice - abortion, gay marriage, firearms ownership, even seatbelts.
I am certainly not someone who is a proponent of government control in any form.. I'm currently on probation for something that many of us partake in and something that is proven over and over to do more good than harm. I HATE people who need self validation through controlling others. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm of the same opinion as you are on almost all fronts.. I just don't see an issue in making kids wear helmets - I equate it to school uniforms. If everyone has to wear one, it removes the "uncool" stigma attached to it because it isn't a choice and there's no longer a competition to look cool or compare yourself to your friend next to you. I would say I agree it should be up to the parents, but I don't know how many parents are truly informed on the risks and dangers associated with snow sports in general.
Meh. I'm bored of this topic now lol.

Also, FWIW a helmet is a bitchin place for stickers when you have a top sheet as pretty as mine !
The school uniform analogy doesn't work. Private schools are the ones requiring students to wear uniforms which is perfectly fine since it's a choice to attend a private school and they can have whatever requirements they want of that nature. If it were a resort or service that required the use of helmets, that would be a valid comparison.
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