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Originally Posted by tokyo_dom View Post
Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but just started looking at spine protectors (actually wanted to find a neck brace, but not sure if the motocross ones will work with snowboard helmets)
I am a 34yr old looking to get into bigger jumps without ending up in a wheelchair

Allsports is having a sale on Demon stuff at the moment so i am looking to get one of the spine protectors through them. Trying to decide between these 3 but appreciate feedback if anyone has it:
Cheers! I don't remember what I wrote earlier in this thread... but a little background - My friends and I are all in our mid/late-30's now. Most of us were upper and lower body protection now. Here is a video of us riding from a few season ago.

Originally Posted by tokyo_dom View Post
DS 1650 Flex Force PRO Top, this is the cheapest, and its a full upper protector. Doesnt seem to go into detail about the back protection abilities though)
I have worn an older version of this, back protection is decent, but not most you can get. Personally, I think it is plenty of protection with the ideal combination of all around padding, while still giving you decent mobility - I've taken our fair share of tumbles

Originally Posted by tokyo_dom View Post
DS 1120 Shield spine guard, this is the one Sabatoa linked to above. Solid looking back protection
I have also tried a version of this model. Interlocking plates offer the most spine protection, but I didn't like how it affected mobility. Personally, I think it is overkill.

Originally Posted by tokyo_dom View Post
But then there's
Spine X D3O, this d3o protection seems to be a little more expensive. Is it as good in protecting the spine? Is it a hard shell?
I never seen it in person. The description mentioned a stealth viper thingie, which when I google that says it is not a hard shell - the d3o hardens on impact.

Originally Posted by tokyo_dom View Post
Lastly, how would these tie in with a pair of azzpadz, and does anyone know if there are neck braces that are worthwhile?
The first two would work fine with an Azzpadz, which are what I use now, in the past I've used skeletool shorts, dainese pro hard shots, crashpads shorts, red impact shorts).

I've never used neck braces, but I think they will be too cumbersome to wear. That's not to say people don't get whiplash style neck injuries for which helmets don't provide any protection. The reality is that protection is only going to reduce the damage of an impact, you are still going to get knocked around a bit so riding with the correct "safety mindset" is most important. What this gear will give you is the ability to go to work on Monday without feeling like you've been worked over by an MMA fighter.

Hope that helps.
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