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Originally Posted by KIRKRIDER View Post
Such a lame post Chris. See if you can keep up with me going "up the hill"
I dont care that much really. Was being facetious more than anything. But living in NoCal vs NYC for a season....omg its SO funny how much people are smoking out here. Not that we dont smoke on the East Coast. Its just not decriminalized and culturally acceptable. I'm always laughing driving on weekends because its not rare to get behind a dude on the Freeway going reaaaaallllly slow with the car fishbowling. Lol. I still drive like a new yorker so I just weave around em. POTHEADS!!

Stoners on the hill are usually pretty entertaining too. Yeah def waaaaay more tolerable than people riding drunk. One of the last times I rode in my 20s my best friend and me went to Mt. Snow for the first time. We did our wake n bake on first chair and spent probably 85% of the day on our asses looking at the trail map. In our defense...that shit was waaaaay confusing. Ever notice how the colored lines like...cross each other? It was quite possibly the biggest waste of money ever.
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