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Not sure how much that actually conserves, and I suppose it's doing something. Personally, I conserve by riding the train in to work, instead of driving. I carpool up to the mountain with 4 to 6 other adults. I carpool to our soccer games. Drive my wife's car more often when going to the store and stuff like that. In general, I just try NOT to use gas.

What I am excited to see, is the electric car making a comeback. I HOPE that it continues interest and that 5 to 10 years from now, we'll be lightyears ahead in it's technology and more of them will be on the road, making a HUGE reduction in oil consumption.

Apparently the direction of "Who killed the electric car", is working on a new movie called, "Revenge of the Electric Car". However, it depends on how it goes in the next couple of years, but he's researching it right now.