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Originally Posted by racer357 View Post

I ride a SL in the Midwest. It is perfect IMO.

You can take it in the park if ya went. It handles well on lousy hardpack and ice, and if we happen to get some deep snow, it will hande that too.

I was trying to help my fiance progress this weekend so I was trying to ride switch and spin and generally just dicking around all day Sat at her speed and trying to give her pointers.

The board is very forgiving and I had a blast. My old board would not have allowed me to pay more attention to what she was doing that what I was doing without landing me on my head.

FWIW, I consider myself to be on the upper end of intermediate in skill, 6" 225lbs size 12 boot and I am riding a 158.

There is nothing I wont try to ride as long as my board is on snow.... I stay away from rails and urban features, they hurt when you test them with your face... LOL.

I do enjoy jumping both Natural features and well made man made jumps and the board works well for me.
Wow.. now im confused. You have a size 12 boot and ride an SL?? do you get alot of overhang/toe drag ? I was looking at the Legacy due to my size 12 boot.
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