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Originally Posted by East§ide View Post
Haha Cro, awesome vid as always. What was that dad so beefed up about ?
There's actually more to that clip than was used.

We had just come from the patio at One Ski Hill Place getting water and chilling. I had a tripod with camera mounted to it, backpack, and was going through the line. Mind you this was Presidents Weekend Monday but there was no one there. So number 1 skier dad is standing in line with no one in front of him and no one in the lanes next to him on 5 chair screaming for little Timmy or whatever the fucking idiot kids name was. So I see he's not moving so I just skate by him and dude flips the fuck out and screams, "I'm waiting for my kid you can't go around me!" My response, " Well it's a line and you're not moving and I am". He promptly retorts with, "I'm going to kick the living shit out of you at the top of the chairlift."

Now I'm not one to be threatened. So I hand off the backpack, give the tripod over to one of the guys we're filming, and unstrap. I walk up to him and look him in the eye and say, "we don't need to go to the top to fight I'll kick the living shit out of you right here." Then I push him back while he's on his skis and keep pushing him. He looks at me and then whispers, "Hey man I have kids I don't want to fight I'm just trying to look tough for them, please don't do this." To which I reply, "So you shoved your dick in some chicks pee hole and shot your load and got a bastard wrestling trophy I don't give a fuck, you threatened me I'm ready to defend myself and my property what are you going to do? He backs off me and says, "I'm sorry I have kids I don't want to do this, I'm sorry." At this point his kid screams "you're a retard at me" now if you follow Parks and Wreck that is the same kid I can be seen screaming at to look up the definition of the word Retard. Kid keeps mouthing off to me so I look at the dad and say, "control him and teach him some manners and the definition of that word or I'm going to spank him". Now dad has pretty much established he sucks at fucking life says nothing just laughs. So I say I'll spank his ass if he keeps it up and strap back in. As I'm getting on the chair kid lips off to me again.

So I get to the top, unstrap, get ready and here they come off 5 chair. As they get off the dad flips me off and says, "have a great day". So I start walking towards them and scream at the kid, "come here I'm going to teach you some manners". Kid freaks out and crosses his tips causing a double ejection. Mind you I'm about 20 feet away from him, at this point he's screaming for his daddy to save him. I walk up next to the kid shove my finger in his face and scream, "shut up junior you need to learn some manners" he gets quiet for a minute. The dad is freaking out and crosses his skis and falls over, then gets up and swings his poles at my head. I inform him go for it that's assault with a weapon with intent to kill. I said you have two options right now, "you teach your kid a lesson in manners and apologize to me, or I will beat the fuck out of you, spank him, and fuckstart your wives face." He chose the latter option or at least intended for it but I didn't give a fuck as can be evidenced by the video.

So while he's screaming at me junior starts pissing his pants out of fear or because he's incontinent I don't know nor care. So dad keeps coming at me and I keep side stepping in front of his kid so he can't get to him. Dad starts crying and freaking out more and I walked away.

Moral of the story do not ever threaten someone if you will not back it up, especially me. I'm over tourists using the "I spent so much money to come here this is my mountain" or "I am entitled because I am on vacation" as an excuse to treat people like shit. The guy could have just acknowledged he was holding up a line that was not busy and side stepped but he had to cause it to escalate then use his kids as an excuse.

But I hope you guys enjoy the edits we work hard for them.

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