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Originally Posted by Perpetual3am View Post
I simply point it out because every time someone dismisses them as being a bunch of nutbars, or inept like you have, it gives them power. People don't expect much from an untrained group, and then all of a sudden you have coordinated attacks that kill and wound hundreds of people. It obviously worked for them.

And you're far from kicking their asses in Iraq or Afghanistan, I would say just the reverse in some areas. And it wasn't a sweeping generalization, just look how the west reacted after 9/11. Hey lets rush into a country that had nothing to do with the attacks, but somehow it makes us feel like we're doing something. Check your US history, its full of knee jerk reactions.
Again, I'm not suggesting that we reduce defense or general preparedness. So how exactly does my disdain help them? What power does it give them? If I fight a 5' guy exactly as intently as I would fight a 6'6" guy, but at the same time I'm amused that a 5' tall guy is trying to fight me, how is there any difference? Is his ass any less kicked because I thought it was funny?

And I'm not going to quibble over who's winning what, or how patient the West is or is not. Your point was the terrorists are patient. But your main argument for the West being impatient is your claim that we're reactionary. Aren't terrorists the ultimate reactionaries? Does beheading reporters and bombing random targets strike you as patient, well thought out long term plans of action likely to produce favorable results?
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