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Default Had a quick look at the 2014 Burton Diodes and Genesis...

Had a quick look at the 2014 Burton Diodes and Genesis and here's what I noticed:

- new toe/ankle ladders that are grooved on both sides along with a matching ratchet system/buckle. Also on the Diodes. I briefly played with them and they seemed fine, but I've never had a problem with the original ratchets so I wonder why they changed them... are they running out of improvements to make? I assume this means you can't use older style ratchets, so finding spares in a pinch may be an issue.
- new (plastic?) ankle strap. Also on the Diodes. When I first saw the catalogue I figured it would be the same material as ride's toe straps, but to my surprise they're a hard plastic with slight give in them. My friend tried them out and didn't have any complaints, but it does make the binding look like a cheap toy.

- gone are the two layer padding on the inside of the highback and footbed... it's only a single layer now like other baseplate padding and the highback padding is only a single small layer on the bottom of the highback and bare at the top, so those complaints have been heard loud and clear.
- The highback looks plastic now as you can't see the carbon weave, but I was told otherwise by the rep. If it's painted over I assume that'll chip quickly.
- The FLAD looks solid and is easy to adjust.
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