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Not sure how to progress next

Got hooked on snowboarding this season in January and can't get enough. This forum has been awesome for tips and gear info so figured I'd see what you guys recommend. I'm feeling like I'm having trouble making the next step in my progression. Not sure how to link turns or even start trying.

Have gone up 5 times, and just had my 7th day up on the mountain yesterday. I can't get up on my heel (still) but I'm pretty much an expert at falling leaf toeside. My last time out I worked on toeside to heelside turns so I could start learning how to ride heel, and finally got it after a lot of wipeouts. Yesterday I could do toeside to heelside turns regularly and even at some speed down blues. I started working on heelside to toeside turns, and can do it, but not as well. Just not as comfortable on my heel as I am on my toe.

I'm not sure what I should be working on, and the "aha" moment I had the first time I did a toeside to heelside turn the time out before yesterday just didn't come yesterday. I feel like I'm at a plateau or something. At this point I'm an expert on falling leaf toeside and think with another day will be an expert on falling leaf heelside (lol) and hopefully be able to turn heelside to toeside much better.

The problem with my turning, though, is that by the time I am initiating the turn I'm usually going pretty fast so I overcompensate and turn all the way, slowing myself down into a sideslip. I see these people zoom by me constantly just doing regular linked turns and I just have no idea how to even practice that. I was on a green yesterday that got pretty shallow and slow and I had enough speed to go toe to heel to toe for a bit but I know if there was a steeper slope I'd just basically end up going down in a strait line and frantically trying to stop myself with a sideslip.

I think I'm going to troll youtube for some snowprofessor vids on this but was wondering if this is a common place for beginners to hit a wall and how to break through. Going up again tomorrow after a rest today and am hoping to finally be able to actually snowboard linking turns, but I'm not too confident that I'll be able to.

At this point terrain doesn't really scare me---I've been on blues and greens all over the tahoe resorts and just stay away from blacks. But I am sort of frustrated with my inability to link turns and don't really know how to work on it.

BTW Thanks to all you guys for the info and tips that I've lurked on as I've gotten hooked. I ended up getting a GNU Carbon Credit, Nike Kaiju Boots (sooo comfy), and union SL bindings for my first setup. I love snowboarding and being up on the mountain no matter how many times I fall getting off the lift! 27 right now and hope to do it for another 40+ years! Had some icy days, slushy days, and one awesome powder day at Sierra and another at Kirkwood--but you might be mad at me as one of those guys that "ruins" the powder .

Think maybe I just need to lower my expectations and not expect to truly snowboard down in my first season.
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