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Originally Posted by silverwhale View Post
I haven't been on either of them (sorry!), but I do find Rome's size charts for women's boards a bit weird. I was also at the top end of the weight range when I bought my 147 Rome Gold this year, which was completely different than size charts from other brands (which usually recommended smaller boards). I decided to go with the 147 instead of following the size chart, and I haven't had any problems. That being said, I don't think the 149 will be too much for her. I am 115 lbs and definitely wouldn't go smaller than the 147 I have now (I decided to go shorter because I like glades!). I'm not sure what the profile/flex is for the lo fi though, or what she's planninig to use it for or how strong/aggressive she is, etc. If you think she would prefer the shorter one I'm sure it will be fine - I just don't think you need to worry about completely relying on the size chart
Thats kind of where Im at. I know the vinyl is stiffer and slightly heavier which is why I think the Lo Fi would be a better fit. My theory is that she will have an easier time linking turns with the 46 as opposed to the 49, especially with having pretty small feet. And I somewhat agree about size charts. I should be on a 168 at least but ride a 65W and think I might have been fine going a bit shorter.

She will be using it primarily for progression. Im anticipating her outgrowing the board in a season or two. I just want her to get to where she can keep up with me. Thanks for your input.
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